We offer specialised fabrics that offer protection against harmful chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear toxins.

Using our in-house specialists, we have been able to develop a fabric that has impregnated activated carbon. The activated carbon acts as an absorption layer to the harmful toxins offering elite protection to our military. Similar fabrics have also been provided for police, fire services, and for industrial applications.

Ballistic and Fragmentation protection

Our fabrics have been applied to clothing that protects against fragmentation and ballistic threats. We have recently began a development with Spectra Fibres. These fibres are made of para-aramid, the lightest yet strongest man made fibre in the world. Using these fibres and our advanced manufacturing abilities we are able to offer a superior level of protection. These fabrics are also being used by other forces such as police.

To read more about our developments with Spectra Fibres, please click here.

Flame retardant

We proudly offer a large variety of flame retardant fabrics to cater to a specified end use which have also had civil applications. We have different fibres, including our own Heathcoat Advanced Yarns, and we are able to incorporate specialist flame retardant fibres such as para-aramid. We can also offer treating and dipping to ensure the level of protection is suited to the environment it faces.
These fabrics have been used as part of military overalls for those operating aircrafts and tanks.